There are now 530 ships recorded in the Fleet List although the information for many of them is a bit skimpy. I am working on this, and adding extra information on an almost daily basis. If you can help by providing information about ships you were on pleasae let me know.

Nearly 80 people have registered with the site. This number is increasing every day, the more the merrier. Something over half of the registered members have added complete or partial listings of their sea service. This is the core of the site, allowing "Board of Trade" aquaintances to reestablish contact of a break of potentially many years.

Thanks to those of you who have submitted photographs, there are now 50+ ships in the gallery. I am speaking to archivists at the BP Archive at Warwick University and hope to be able to get copies of photographs from them, although I'm not sure how many they will be willing to provide.

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