Ship Details

Advocate; British
146629 / ?
Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd, Sunderland
Steam Turbine
  • Owned by BPS
  • Managed by BPS
  • Manned by BPS
Ocean going tanker.

O.N. 146629. I.M.O.

6,993g. 4,151n. 10,925d.

440.3 x 57.1 x 33.9 feet.

Two steam turbines by G. Clark & Company Ltd., Sunderland, double reduction geared to a single screw shaft. 3,210shp.

9.6.1922: Launched by Sir James Laing & Sons Ltd., Sunderland (Yard No. 683) for the British Tanker Company Ltd.

9.1922: Completed.

19.2.1941: Whilst on a voyage from Abadan to U.K., via Table Bay and Cape Town was captured and taken as a prize by the German Battleship ADMIRAL SCHEER, at a position 7.10N., 45.30E., west of the Seychelles.

29.4.1941: Arrived at Bordeaux, and subsequently renamed ADOLF.

1941: Renamed NORDSTERN.

25.9.1943: Sunk at Nantes. Subsequently raised.

23.7.1944: Sunk by aircraft bombing at Donges.

1947: Raised for demolition.
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