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Achiever; British
LNG Tanker
Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) S. Korea
With a capacity of 173,400 cubic metres of LNG, it is the largest LNG vessel BP Shipping has ever owned or operated. The vessel will be able to carry the equivalent of 69 Olympic size swimming pools of LNG.

295m long, which is larger than three Big Bens stacked on top of each other or the length of ~26 London buses.

Though it is bigger than any previous LNG carrier built for BP, it will be 25% more efficient and able to navigate the most challenging ports.

12% larger capacity than GEM class and 25% larger capacity than Trader class
Accommodation for 35 crew, plus six others. This will allow long hand-overs for people as well as providing space for cadets.

Re-liquefaction capability to return unused boil off back to the cargo tanks saving an estimated 35,000 m3 of LNG over the lifetime of the vessels.

13,600 kW installed power generation - sufficient to power a town with 30,000 average UK houses.

Capable of a design speed of 20 Knots.

First tier 3 gas-burning two-stroke engines worldwide.

111,000g. 0n. 83,000d. 294.9 (BB) (282.9 BP) x 46.0 breadth moulded x 26.5 (11.5 dt) metres
Two, LNG fuelled, 5-cyl. 2 SCSA (700 x 3256mm) MAN B&W 5G70ME GI type by Doosan Engine Co. Ltd, S. Korea. 18,200kw (24,745 BHP) @ 83 rpm. 15 knots.
3.1918: Delivery by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME) S. Korea (Yard No. 2442) for
2018-07-12 18:20:12


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