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Neath; British / Mokran
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360939 / ?
Launched by Cockerill Yards Hoboken, Hoboken (Yard No. 869)
Ocean going tanker.

O.N. 360939.

As Built: 15,641g. 9,664n. 25,246d.

Post 1987: 16,015g. 9,876n. 25,651d.

562’ 6”(BB) x 82’ 2” x 31’ 6” oa.

6-cyl. 2 S.C.S.A. (740 x 1600mm) B&W 6K74EF type by S. A. Cockerill-Ougree-Providence, Seraing. 9,000bhp.

29.6.1973: Launched by Cockerill Yards Hoboken, Hoboken (Yard No. 869) for BP Tanker Company Ltd.

1.1974: Completed.

1976: Sold to National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC), Iran and renamed MOKRAN.

15.2.1982: Attacked by Iraqi aircraft at Kharg Island. Damage not reported.

5.9.1986: Attacked by Iraqi aircraft whilst loading at Lavan Island. Extensively damaged in the cargo tanks area.

3.5.1987: Afterpart arrived, in tow, at Singapore for repair and to be joined to the forepart of MINAB (ex BRITISH FAL q.v.). by Jurong Shipyards Ltd., who estimated that the work would take six months and would include reconstruction and refurbishment of the accommodation and the complete overhauling and repairing of machinery in the engine room which had flooded during salvage operations. The resultant "New vessel" to remain as MOKRAN.

24.10.1987: New vessel departed for Sitra Island. 21:00hrs., local time,

3.2.1988: Struck by an Iraqi Exocet missile at a position 27.14N., 52.28E., enroute to Kharg Island. Sustained fire damage aft. Taken initially to Bandar Abbas.

13.4.1988: Arrived back at Singapore for further repairs.

6.4.2004: Beached at Chittagong for demolition



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