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A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Bill Harvey, one of the co-authors of BP Tankers - A Group Fleet History. During a wide ranging discussion, based mainly, as you may imagine,  on shipping, Bill told me he and Ray Solly had virtually completed the research and preparation for a revised edition of the book, intended for publication to coincide with the Centenary celebrations. Unfortunately due to difficulties  in reaching agreement between all the parties concerned the project was abandonned.

Bill very generously gave me a digital copy of the data he had prepared and further gave me permission to use it as I see fit on the web site. He also gave me copies of his collection of photographs asscoiated with BP, somewhere in the region of 1400 images.

I have spent some time since the meeting preparing the data and putting it in a format suitable for uploading, this work is now complete (I hope!) and I uploaded it a couple of days ago. Some of you may have noticed the changes in the Ship Details. I dare say there are errors, which are down to my edititing and preparation of the data. As ever I will correct and amend as necessary once the errors come to light. I am continuing to update the data format and intend to enable users to add comments and information to the ship pages in the fairly near future.

The next step is to review the images Bill supplied and select those best suited for publication on the site. The are many duplicates amongst the 1400 and also images of barges and other small vessels which are not really within the scope of this project. Even so I expect there to be several hundred images to file and upload. This will probably take a couple of weeks to accomplish.

Several users have comented that the way images are currently displayed would be better if the descriptive text did not overlay the image and was more clearly visible. I have identified an alternative method for displaying the photos and will be giving this a try with the images I upload. If it is more satisfactory I will move existing images over to the new gallery.

Many thanks to Bill for providing the data and the images, they greatly add to the value of this site.

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