I think I've finally got through the photographs and uploaded all those of the BP deep sea fleet, I have uploaded the last 140 images. I still have the Border Boats, Clyde Tankers and the coastal fleet to sort out along will several hundered other images of ships, tugs, barges etc associated with BP over the years. I suspect I'll do the border boats, clyde tankers and the coasters and then call it a draw. I'm not sure the users of this site will have any interest in the rest.

The really good news is that I now have about 120 copies of the Fleet News, from mid '70's to mid '80's. These have been provided by Campbell Foster. I have been in touch with Kirk Laker, who has generously agreed to scan them all and provide me with digital copies which I will upload to the site. No time scale has been agreed as it will be a fairly time consuming job preparing the paper copies for scanning, however I would hope that the digital copies will be available by early in the New Year.

Many thank to both Campbell and Kirk. I think a lot of us will be very pleased to look back over the crew lists and other content.



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