A comment from Ian Ockleford prompted me to take a closer look at vesselfinder.com and I discovered that it is possible to subscribe and build a list called "MyFleet". This can  then be used as a filter on the AIS generated location map, so that only ships on the list are shown. Further more it is possible to embed the map in a web page, see Where are they? on the menu. I have not added all the fleet yet, still working on it. Thanks for the idea Ian.

Whilst adding ships to the list it became apparent that the Beech is now named Sea Beech, presumably sold. I think this must have been in December 2015. If anyone has comes across any further information let me know. It appears that al the tree class have now been renamed Sea ..... presumably having been sold.

I also stumbled across a video on YouTube entitled STX and British Renown walkaround. 26 minutes of it, the first 7 minutes are walking through the STX yard, but includes views of the Rigour, Resource and Reliance. The remainder shows a walkabout round the Renown. Miles of alleyways but dissappointingly short sections on the bridge and engine room and nothing at all in ECR or pumproom (or CCR although this may be on the bridge? Anybody know about this?).



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