The 4 former BP "P Class"  year 2000 vintage VLCC's have been reunited under the same ownership. They are currently owned by Ridgebury Tankers of Westport , Connecticut, USA.  A contact found this out by seeing a photo on Ship Spotting of the Ridgebury Pride, taken in the English Channel recently. Those big sat-com domes make them stand-out a bit from the rest. According to AIS, she was bound for Yeusu in South Korea from Hound Point. I wonder whose cargo she was carrying?

A look on Ridgebury's web-site and found the other 3 "P" boats were there too. Apparently the Pioneer was the last one purchased about a year ago. They are all named Ridgebury P*****.

At the time of posting AIS was reporting:
  • the Progress is in the Gulf, en route for Basrah from Ras Tanura
  • the Purpose was in the Gulf heading towards Ras Tanura from Ju'aymah
  • the Pride was off West Africa en route from Europort to Yosu, S. Korea, and
  • the Pioneer was in the Gulf of Oman, heading for Vadinar in India having loaded at Ju'aymah, Saudi Arabia.


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