There have been significant changes in the fleet over the last few months, with several newbuilds being delivered and several disposals inline with the current policy, as described by the current CEO of maintaining a stable number of ships. 

The changes listed below are compiled from a variety of sources, but thanks to Bill and Denis for their input. I hope this information is accurate and up to date but as always I will be happy to hear if you notice any errors or know anything I have missed.



Recent Disposals


  • British Explorer now sold, renamed SC Explorer LIII. Currently anchored off Limassol.
  • British Esteem was sold December 2016 to Putra Utama Line PT, Indonesia and renamed SC ESTEEM L II
  • British Ensign was transferred September 2016 to management of Capital Ship Management Corp and renamed ATANTIS II under Marshal Islands flag.


The following were transferred to the management of Sinokor Tanker Co Ltd, S Korea and the BRITISH prefix dropped.  Owners remain the same but despite the name style no longer involved with BP.
  • British Fidelity May 2016
  • British Tenacity May 2016
  • British Security September 2016
  • British Loyalty October 2016
  • British Unity November 2016
  • British Integrity December 2016
That leaves six of this type still with "British"  prefix operated by BP.

It also seems that the British Trader is up for sale.


  • British Resolve - the contract has now been cancelled
  • British Legacy contract cancelled October 2016

Recent Deliveries

  • British Resource completed May 2016  
  • British Rigour completed June 2016
  • British Seafarer delivered 22nd September 2016 for Hai Kuo Ltd, managed by BP.
  • British Cumulus delivered 24th October 2016
  • British Sailor delivered 22nd November 2016 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP.
  • British Regard delivered December 2016
  • British Nimbus delivered 29th December 2016
  • British Restraint delivered Jan 2017
  • British Stratus delivered January 2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Captain delivered 1.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP


  • British Chief due for delivery 3.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP. Undergoing trials 1/2017

Forthcoming Deliveries

  • British Century due for deliver 2.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Reason is now due for deliver in March 2017
  • British Altus due for delivery 3.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Heritage due for delivery 3.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Officer due for delivery 3.2017 for Hai Kuo Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Engineer due for delivery 4.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Tradition due for delivery 5.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Cadet due for delivery 6.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP
  • British Cirrus due for delivery  8.2017 for Hai Kuo  Ltd, managed by BP

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