As reported in my last post, the site was hacked earlier this month! I thought I had sorted the problems out, but it appears I was wrong - they came back. I spent a very frustrating week trying to get things sorted out before giving up in disgust, life is too short! An unintended benefit was thaat I cleaned out a lot of junk and updated a few features so the site should be a bit faster. There were three options:

  1. Take the site down and abandon it: this would have been a great pity.
  2. Rebuid the site from scratch:  very time consumming and I may not be able to re-create all the data that has been accumulated over the last couple of years.
  3. Get professional help: I took the plunge yesterday and signed up for a web security support who identifed and cleared numerous problems. The package includes ongoing support and monitoring of the site for the next twelve months. £95 subracted from the beer fund, but well worth it I think.

Anyway sorry for the inconvenience and with a bit of luck we'll be trouble free for the next year, but if you do notice any problems please let me know.

All the best


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