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I understand

Since launching this site I have been trying to establish a systematic method of getting news about the Fleet without a great deal of succes. various people, notably Bill Harvey have been very helpful in feeding me information as and when they get it. 

I have recently come across a web site,, which is a public site promoting maritime safety and quality. This site is update on a daily basis by a varety of bodies including registration authorities, flag state, US Coast Guard, P&I clubs etc.

Ships can be found by searching on name IMO number or company. If the search is on company, all ships, owned or managed by the company are listed and wide range of data about the ships is available. Just what I needed, so I am now going through the data I have about the current fleet and cross referencing to the data on equasis, so that the site data will be as upto date as I can get it. I haven't finished this work yet, but when I do I'll post a list of changes to the Fleet.

This doesn't mean to say that if you come across some interesting snippet I don't want to hear from you. Always glad for any help you can give in keeping the site up to date.

Another thing I have wanted to do is link the ship details pages to images of the corresponding ship.  There is now a button under the ship's name which will open a gallery to view all the images of that ship. There is also a button on each row of the Fleet Lists, which is supposed to open the gallery but this isn't working properly yet so it is necessary to go to the details page to view the galley.( Or go to the main gallery and run a search). Anyway I hope you will find the button that works useful, I'm still trying to sort the defective object out!

Finally, it has beome apparent that I can only list 50 ships on the Vessl Finder map embeded in the site. So, there are now two maps, one for ships with a name prefixed British and one for all the others.





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