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I understand

I really don't know where the last few weeks have gone. I had hoped to have updated all the Fleet details from information on the Equasis web site  by now, but haven't had the time, nor have I managed to scan any more articles from the Apprentices Newsletters.

After a plug on the BP Shipping Facebook group (Thanks Kev) we have had fifteen new registrations in the last three days. Welcome to you all, I hope you enjoy the site.

The eagle eyed amongst you may notice that the menu has changed and there are a couple of extra items on it. I have been aware for sometime that the menu organisation was a bit haphazard and I've been meaning to sort it out for a while. I hope it makes more sense now.  I've added a new user list which is just a table listing users and a few basic details. This can be sorted by last name, last visit or date joined. Although it will default to show members listed in alphabetical order, but this can be changed by clicking on the chevrons next to the column heading to show the newest registrations at the top so it will be easy to see who has just joined.

I have also changed the Fleet lists by adding a list for "retired" ships so that it is now easier to see current ships, retired ships, ships on order or all ships, by clicking on the appropriate link in the menu. I've sorted out the problem with searching on ships and removed the icon for viewing images from the list, I couldn't get this to work reliably. The icon to view images on the ship details page is still there and does work properly.

Finally I've added a few copies of articles from the Apprentices Newsletters.



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