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I understand

One of the site users has emailed me a link to a YouTube videeo featuring the British Progress (2000-2013), thanks Sam. This is one of a series of six originally shown on UK television in 2008. There is is also a thread on Ships Nostalgia discussing these videos.

The primary focus of the videos is Officer Training, looking at Cadets joing three ships, A Maersk box boat, a Cunard cruise ship and the Progress. 

Episode 1: Deck Cadet Training

Episode 2: First Trip, a Maersk boxboat, the Gateshead.

Episode 3: Final days building Cunarder, Verdana, Gateshead transit of Panama Canal.

Episode 4: Maiden voyage; Verdana, Enigineer and Technical Officer trainees.

Episode 5: British Progress, repairs at Singapore.

Episode 6: British Progress, voyage to Basra

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