Many thanks to Robert James, who has provided me with digitised copies of a wide range of documents which may be of interest to readers of this site. These include some of the missing Fleet News, a lot of Fleet Faxes, wich succeeded the Fleet News post 1986, copies of the Flag magazine and some Apprentices/Cadets News Letters, together with some other miscellaneous stuff. I suspect the compiled Crew List, constructed from multiple Fleet News and Ship Movement Sheets.

I have restructed the site a bit to accomodate all this stuff, so there is a new Documents link on the menu which leads to Apprentices Newsletters, Crew Lists, Fleet News', Miscellaneous and the Flag sections.

I had to move things about a bit to make the whole thing work, so there may be a broken link here or there. I hope not, but if you do come across one please let me know so that I can fix it.

Finally if you turn up any documents which may be of interest to the users of this site, and which you are happy to share, please let me have a copy - digital for preference, but I may be able to scan paper documents.


# ContactsDave Cartwright 2021-05-18 08:12
Say, your link to Contacts ends at a Error: 404!

Can you advise how one accesses User messaging pls?

Cheers, Dave

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