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I understand


Not sure if the fate(s) of the British Trent have been highlighted on this forum - but the BP Facebook page recently highlighted her fianl misfortune on a page someone had found entitled "The Case of the Church Bell".

The full article can be found here:

It is interesting to see they also mention her misfortune in 1975 when the Texaco Liverpool sat on the maindeck whilst swinging off the berth in Bandar-Mahshahr. I was 3rd mate on deck at the time, around 1900hrs, and we were loading Naphthalene. It was a film night and everyone was in the smokeroom watching a Walport special - leaving me out on deck to watch as she slowly came astern and gracefully sat on our st'bd side, around 6/7 wing tanks!! hade it not been for the well inerted tanks I may well not be here now.
Loading was immediately stopped and we sat there for a couple of days assessing the damage/filling out forms, before they decided we must discharge, tank clean, gas free and then proceed very gingerly to Bahrain where they welded railway track lengths on the maindeck and down the side of the hull to stop the big crack widening - and then we came back to Amsterdam D/D via Suez at slow speed for repairs.

We used to go out and measure the size of the crack each day as it slowly got bigger!!


British Trent, after the collision and fire 3rd June 1993.



Adrian Hirst C/O, from Jarrow, Tyne and Wear
David Cox 3/O, from Co Cork, Irish Republic;
Robert Bold 3/O, from Yorkshire;
Kevin Kielthy R/O, from Co Wexford, Ireland;
John Gray 3/E, from Sunderland, Tyne and Wear;
Matthew Clements, from Bournemouth, Dorset;
Christopher John Oiler, from Sierra Leone;
Egerton Smith Wiper, from Sierra Leone;
Georg Wesley A/B, from Sierra Leone.





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