If you wish to upload photographs follow the following steps:

1) Check you are logged in

2) Click on “Add Images”

3) Click on “Manage Images”

4) Either click on “Add Files” and select from your File Manager/Explorer
    or Drag files from File Manager/Explorer to the upload box

5) Click on "Start Upload”

6) When upload has completed the images will appear in the browser below the Upload box. Click on “Edit” in the Description column to add a description to the image that will appear in the galleries. Note that you can only edit images that you have uploaded.

7) You can also add tags to an image to help on searches, eg: people, lightening, ashore. Tags are words, or short phrases, used to link photos or articles with related content. Tags appear with the photograph and clicking on a tag will generate a gallery of other photographs which have the same tag.

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