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Welcome to the GTZX web site.

Since I became aware of the Centenary of BP Shipping I have been looking around for information on the ships and seafarers that have been involved. It seems a pity that BP have not seen fit to create some form of web archive and there are several comments to that effect on the Ships Nostalgia web site.

It appears that BP are not alone in not providing an archive, Kees Helder has published Helderline, a web site primarily about Shell tankers and Auk Visser has created his Historical Tankers Site, which has information about a huge number of tankers with photographs, including some of BP's, but with a special emphasis on the Esso fleet.

I have taken it upon myself to develop this site and I hope many of my fellow seafarers who have spent time at sea with BP will help in the task of creating a useful and interesting resource for anyone with an interest in the ships and people of the BP fleet, past, present and future.

GTZX was the fleet call sign of BP Shipping until 1986, when the ships were flagged out. It will be familiar to all deck officers and radio officers, as well as others, who sailed on BP ships prior to this date. It seems an appropriate name for a site dedicated to the people and ships of the BP Fleet.

Feel free to upload any photographs you may have to either the Gallery which is superceding the Ships, Archive and Misc Galleries. It is assumed that if you upload a photograph you have the right to do so and will not be infringing any copyrights.

Note that in order to view the crew list information, or add and view photographs you need to be a registered user.

I make no claim that the information on this site is complete or accurate, but I am continuing to research and will add, or edit data as it becomes available.

I think I've got the various issues with the galleries and comments sorted out now. I hope I haven't caused too much disruption to those of you on the site over the last day or so as I've been messing with the nuts and bolts of the site.

There are now two versions of the Gallery, one sorted alphabetically on the image description (not the file name!) and the other sorted with the newest images first. They both show the same images and any associated comments and can be searched to show images where the descrition contains the text entered in the search box.

I am aware that there is a bit of an issue with comments added to images in the new gallery. Comments are correctly recorded and displayed with the image but as they are not appearing in the list of Latest Comments on the home page. I'm not sure why this is, but I will try and rectify it as soon as possible.

Secondly a couple of people have asked how to uplad images to the new Gallery so here are some quick instructions for those who are having problems.

Well, what has been going on today a sudden influx of registrations, 20 so far!

I have published the first batch of photos that I have been working on from Bill Harvey, see Gallery: Alphabetical.

We are nearly up to 150 users. Welcome all! A particular welcome to those of you that I sailed with, Syd Garratt (Osprey and Vic Bilh), Rod Gow (Hawthorn?), Dave Bone (?), Dave Thomas (College in Plymouth), Jon Dixon (?). Apologies to anyone I missed.

Migration to the new server is now complete, hopefully site response will be faster and there is now capacity to store more information, including many more photographs.




I am still working on the photographs that Bill Harvey kindly provided. It has been a bigger job than I thought and other commitments have taken priority. I hope to start uploading them in the fairly near future.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Bill Harvey, one of the co-authors of BP Tankers - A Group Fleet History. During a wide ranging discussion, based mainly, as you may imagine,  on shipping, Bill told me he and Ray Solly had virtually completed the research and preparation for a revised edition of the book, intended for publication to coincide with the Centenary celebrations. Unfortunately due to difficulties  in reaching agreement between all the parties concerned the project was abandonned.