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We are back!

GTZX was the fleet call sign of BP Shipping until 1986, when the ships were flagged out. It will be familiar to all deck officers and radio officers, as well as others, who sailed on BP ships prior to this date. It seems an appropriate name for a site dedicated to the people and ships of the BP Fleet.

It was BP Shipping’s Centenary in 2014. It seemed a pity that there was no  site documenting the ships and seafarers that sailed them.  I was prompted to create this site and have received help and support from many sources and I thank them.

There are now in excess of 700 subscribers to the site, most of whom have sailed with the fleet, others are family members and people with an interest in ships and shipping.

Early in 2020 it became apparent that there was a coding problem with the site and I struggled to identify it, failure to do so would prevent further upgrade and development. I decided to take the site down and rebuild it from scratch on a local host. Finally success, the site is now  working properly and is, for the time being at least, future proofed.

I have not made many changes to the site content, so hopefully, users will not notice much different, but I have added proper Cookie and Privacy Consent feature to comply with legislation.

If you have any problems with the site or notice any bugs please let me know.


I am still working on the photographs that Bill Harvey kindly provided. It has been a bigger job than I thought and other commitments have taken priority. I hope to start uploading them in the fairly near future.

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Bill Harvey, one of the co-authors of BP Tankers - A Group Fleet History. During a wide ranging discussion, based mainly, as you may imagine,  on shipping, Bill told me he and Ray Solly had virtually completed the research and preparation for a revised edition of the book, intended for publication to coincide with the Centenary celebrations. Unfortunately due to difficulties  in reaching agreement between all the parties concerned the project was abandonned.

?Today is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the British Tanker Company on 30th April 1915. There have been good times and bad, but many of us remember our time at sea with affection and although there was a very sour ending for many in 1986, I think we woulld all wish those still involved with the Company all the best for the future.

The BP Magazine, released today, has a section celebrating the achievements of the company todate and also remembering the black spots. The magazine can be dowloaded from the BP web site or from here.

There is also a press release.

I have added fields to the Fleet and Staff List which will indicate the date the record was last edited. You may have noticed that some of the labels at the top of the lists are blue, clicking on these allows the sort order to be changed, so using the Last Edited field to sort descending will bring the records which have been most recently added or edited to the top of the list.

Both lists are sorted alphabetically by default.

Bill Harvey has kindly sent details of the newbuild programme. I have added all the details to the Fleet List, but the newbuilds can be viewed by visiting Newbuild Programme, a summary of the schedule is tabled as Newbuild Delivery Schedule.

Many thanks to Joanne at the BP Archive in Warwick University for providing 81 assorted images of ships and staff. I have added the images to the site for registered users to view. Please note that BP reserves the rights to these images and they may only be reproduced with prior permission from BP.